Myths and Legends as seen in Literatures

The stories told of Myths and Legends has in a way provided human an eye opening of a number of concepts that are rarely known or spoke about. The rise of knowledge like science has also provided comprehension of many thinking as science believes in evidence, information, and not just fantasy, which has no technological data to back up arguments, thinking, and tradition of any form as narrated by people. Science works with the physical phenomenon and pays off less attention to emotional beliefs. Although science does not work with Mythology, most ideas and Mythologies cannot be totally proven to be wrong as false and groundless.

The existence of spirits, for instance, is not a physical sensation that science is worried with but at the same time cannot be disproved to be incorrect. Mythical Creatures like ghosts and other super human beings have become well-known over the years as testimonies about them are being told in math comic strips and literature. The Dragon is one of these types of creatures who history has recently been dated about 4,Thousand years ago. The dragon has already been believed to have got the ability to soar with strange poison that can eliminate when shot from its nasal passages. It is a powerful lizard that can pour fireplace from its oral cavity.

The Phoenix is associated with Greek Mythology, of a fowl that is conscious of any time it will be 1,000years. It prepares its funeral out of some fragrant materials and burns itself to ashes where a new phoenix rises from the ashes to start a life. Leviathan is another Mythical creature, which has already been believed to be an angry monster that lives in the sea. It is being pointed out and described in the outdated testament of the scriptures whose real identity is not fully identified. Several mythologies have told diverse beliefs like the Roman Mythology and Greek of super human like Hercules in whose strength without doubt extraordinary.

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